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Rick May

Using Throw Props with scrolling

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I've just started playing around with throwProps and I'm having some issues when using it to scroll through a page.  It is probably something simple and I'm hoping someone more experienced can set me straight.


If you look at my Codepen, you'll see that I've tried creating two types of Draggables.  Neither one is behaving as I'd like.


The first "type: scroll" keeps snapping back to the top of the page when trying to scroll down.   And the "type: y" scrolls beyond my section at both the top and bottom.   Neither are desirable.  The behavior I'd like to see is either, 1) Cannot scroll beyond the 'section', or 2) It snaps back to the section when trying to scroll beyond the 'section'.  If possible, I'd like to know how to do both of these.


Thank you very much,






See the Pen ZvQmoO by BlimBlamBloom (@BlimBlamBloom) on CodePen

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45 minutes ago, Diaco said:

Hi Rick May  :)


pls check this out : 



Thanks!  Much appreciated.   :)



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Hi rgfx:)


Your section's width is bigger than its child and content doesn't overflow, try to remove section's width in your CSS or set to smaller value


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Sheesh, I'm AWOL for a few weeks and @Diaco returns. I'm missing all the big events around here. :o


Welcome back @Diaco - good to see you. :)


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