I always wanted to thank You...

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...for this imbalanced library. Since the Flash disaster roughly 2 years ago, when we faced the invevitable and we had to touch again this ugly thing what is called HTML, Your lib is saving my butt, and more: easy, bug free, comprehensive, fast, reliable. My clients are astonished, pleased and want to work with me.  My success is partly - no, no - mainly Yours. Thanks, thanks, thanks...!

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That's great to hear, Oliver. I'll be sure Jack gets to see this.

We really appreciate all your participation in the forums and helping others. It really means a lot and helps us in more ways than we can express.

Thanks so much for taking the time to share your kind thoughts.



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Aw, thanks Oliver. Means a lot. Sometimes when most of what I hear is about some strange browser anomalies, rendering bugs, feature requests, or general questions, it's easy to lose sight of why we do what we do which is to help folks like you. So when you take the time to share a little "thanks", it's a really nice reminder. 


I'd like to thank you as well for all the times you've pitched in with answers in these forums. I'm so proud of the community around here. 


Happy tweening!

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