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I`m quite new to "SplitText Text Animation" in GS. I watched few of the tutorials and searched the web for some examples, but didnt find what I wanted.
Basically what I want is to hide each letter after certain time simultaneously.
I have attached a simple Codepen example that shows the effect I`m trying to get.  Yet I want to accomplish this effect for every letter/char in a word/sentence.
Is this possible ?

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SplitText is only going to take some text and wrap it in its own div.


if your additional text is

<div class="originalText"></div>



After split it will become

<div class="originalText">


you would then have to loop through all those divs nest them in new DOM nodes to match your setup


<div class="container">
  <div class="title">R</div>
  <div class="black-box"></div>


Definitely possible with a little extra JavaScript. GSAP can certainly handle doing the animation.


Not sure if you started using SplitText at all. here is a very basic demo to get you started






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