Create an array for a stagger in Flanimate

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til = new TimelineMax({repeat:0, repeatDelay:0.1});
var GlowingBalls = [root.Lights.GlowBall1, root.Lights.GlowBall2, root.Lights.GlowBall3,
root.Lights.GlowBall4, root.Lights.GlowBall5, root.Lights.GlowBall6, root.Lights.GlowBall7,
root.Lights.GlowBall8, root.Lights.GlowBall9, root.Lights.GlowBall10, root.Lights.GlowBall11,
root.Lights.GlowBall12, root.Lights.GlowBall13, root.Lights.GlowBall14, root.Lights.GlowBall15,
root.Lights.GlowBall16, root.Lights.GlowBall17, root.Lights.GlowBall18, root.Lights.GlowBall19,
til. .staggerTo(GlowingBalls, 0.75, {alpha:0.1, ease:Bounce.easeInOut, overwrite: false, repeat:30, yoyo:true}, 0.12, 0)


Is there a way to make this array simpler and more flexible? Right now it works pretty much as it should in the Stagger. But if I needed to add another 40-odd glowing balls for example, it might be a little cumbersome.


In the old AS days you could create a [n] type thing, and create an array up to a value you specified, but I'm more than rusty on AS, which translates to pretty much clueless on how to do this in JS for Flanimate to work with Greensock. 


Thanks again


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Sure, maybe something like:

var a = [],
    total = 20;
for (i = 1; i <= total; i++) {
    a.push(root.Lights["GlowBall" + i]);
til.staggerTo(a, 0.75, ...);


Does that work? 

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