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TransformManager and mx controls

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Could it be that there is a problem using TransformManager when the rest of the application uses directly or indirectly mx controls? As soon as an import to any mx control is set, the TransformManager loses the boundary rectangle and the handlers to rotate, scale,etc.


To reproduce it you only need to have an import to for example: mx.containers.Panel


Thank you!



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Hmmm. I wasn't able to reproduce this problem at all. I put a Panel in the Flex application and it still worked great. Maybe there's something else going on in your code?

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Could you show me exactly how you're using this code by exporting your Flex project that demonstrates the issue? Are you using Flex Builder 3?

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I am using eclipse with FDT and Flex 3 sdk compiler. I will setup a simpler project to export it!

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