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How to make Website like this?

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Hm, I didn't quite understand what kind of answers you were looking for. Did you have a specific question about GSAP? Or were you wanting people to tell you how to build a whole web site like that one? It sounds like there was some problem with fonts not being smooth? Can you elaborate? 

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My questions are

1. I try to copy this website but I found problem when I scroll down on Web Page, fonts are not smooth (Image attaches on below)

2. Anyone has another idea to make this website?


Screen Shot 2560-10-07 at 22.06.06.png

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Sorry, I'm still not sure how to answer this. Are you saying the fonts are fuzzy? And are you asking us to tell you how to build a whole site like that? Did you have a GSAP-specific question? We really try to keep these forums focused on helping people with GSAP questions. 

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I think is a great question KopKap. How to make a website like that. I would to like to know too. 


Which tool shold I use?

How to start?

What is the framework or the frontend structure to do it?

There is any template for a bootstrap from scratch?

How to start a whole site with Gsap?

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Baby steps. That's how.


I know you don't want to hear that, but making a site like that will not read like the recipe to baking a cake. That site uses framework-X, so if you use framework-X you should be be able do the same thing.


That site is obviously made by a team of developers who have years of experience. I'm sure they could have a used a completely different set of tools and would still end up with the same result. It's not about what you're using, but how you use it.


Start out small and build on that knowledge. That's the best advice I can give. There is no way to fast-track building a site like that.

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Man, I'm impressed
3 paragraphs and you just say nothing but clichês

I did my home work in some hours and  I already can say its just JS tools like timeline, scrollmagic with efects. 
Plus, with fullpage.js with some customizations we can have a perfect start for SVG website like any other without common structure. 


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12 minutes ago, MateusBapt said:

3 paragraphs and you just say nothing but clichês


That was kind of the point. Asking how to make a site is very ambiguous, and could take hours to deconstruct. If you asked how they did a certain animation, then it would be easier to tell you something more concrete, or even provide you with a demo.


But it sounds like you figured it out, so more power to you.

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