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defaultEase analogy for onStart and onComplete? [SOLVED]

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I was wondering if there's a way to assign functions for onStart and onComplete stats for every Tween?


I prefer to use static initialization method: TweenLite.to(...);


Thanks in advance.

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Nope, sorry - why would you want to do that anyway?


You could certainly create a proxy function of sorts, like:


function tween(target:Object, duration:Number, vars:Object):TweenLite {
   vars.onComplete = myCompleteFunction;
   vars.onStart = myStartFunction;
   return new TweenLite(target, duration, vars);

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I wonder why I didn't figure it out myself? So simple and yet a grate solution!


Why? Well, I would like to dynamically change the frame rate of a swf. Like that:

private function set transitions( value:int ):void
		m_transitionsTotal = value;
		stage.frameRate = m_transitionsTotal == 0 ? 1 : 30;

	private function get transitions():int
		return m_transitionsTotal;

	public function addTranstion():void

	public function remTranstion():void


So every Tween could just run addTransition() at the beginning and remTransition at the end.


Anyway, thanks for help!


Much appreciative!

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