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Mouse Wheel Scroll Distance

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Is it possible to control scrolling so if a user scrolls down with their mouse we control that scroll to be exactly 100px. Maybe a little time delay to prevent scrolling 2 or 3 times over this. I would like to use this to control elements sliding in on an animation I'm working on. 


I have tried several plugins including fullpage.js but I need more control over the elements and to bring in other divs. 


Thank you 

See the Pen LLMVBO by deanr1976 (@deanr1976) on CodePen

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First of all, welcome to the forums.


We're happy to answer GSAP-specific questions here, but we don't have the resources to solve general JS/CSS questions or build solutions for you. I can say that GSAP's ScrollToPlugin can definitely handle scrolling to wherever you want. You'd just need to handle the extra logic of listening for mouse wheel events, and building whatever tweens you need that go to the appropriate places. I imagine that what you're asking for is totally possible. 


Perhaps someone else in the community has time to build something for you or offer other advice - I just don't have that time right now. Again, we really try to keep the forums focused on GSAP-specific questions. 


Happy tweening!

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