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Visual Tool for Animations

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I work on a team that produced a lot of Flash content but we've now moved to HTML5.  Our workflow is solid but we are still lacking in one key area, we no longer have a tool to visually create animations.  Now designers mock up comps in After Effects or Flash and the programmers need to recreate the animations in code.  It would be amazing if we had an editor that could load an HTML page and would allow you to select elements, create animations and then would generate some GSAP code.  I'm considering developing one myself but I thought I'd ask first about what others are using for the same problem?  Is there a tool out there that does what I describe?  I've searched but have not found anything.

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Great question.


It seems like Animachine is trying to solve the "in the browser" workflow you describe: http://animachine.org/

When I had first checked it out it ran as a Chrome extension, it seems they've done quite a few updates.


TweenUI has also come a long way with a different approach: https://tweenui.com/animator/



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Thanks for the suggestions - I'll need to play around a little bit more but they look useful.

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