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SVG Graphic not overlap

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Hello TirochH, and Welcome to the GreenSock forum!


That is a lot of code to go through. This is more of a CSS question than a GSAP related question ;)


But, the reason the svg's don't overlap is because the <svg> element has a default CSS position property value of static. So you would have to use CSS position:absolute to have them overlap.


See the Pen OmxaJo?editors=0100 by TirochH (@TirochH) on CodePen


svg {


CSS position property: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/CSS/position



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Now I reduced my code   again.


I have insert always 'absolute'. Nothing change as I want.




PS: I add     this also direct in CSS. You are right.

Than it is O K:

But I want use it without CSS: How I insert the identical in javascript?

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You still have a lot of code in your example. Can you please reduce your codepen demo to only the issue you are having.

  • Also can you please be more specific in how it should be the way you want?
  • And what is the specific GSAP question you have?


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I'm a little confused too. It all looks right to me. 


Just an FYI - you're using an old version of GSAP (1.18) when you should be using the latest (1.19.1). You've also got an old version of snap (0.4.1) while the latest version is (0.5.1).


Happy tweening.


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