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Loadermax unloads the swf AND other (but not all) movieclips

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I know you are not supporting Flash AS3 anymore, however, perhaps you can give me a quick tip (you did this on another issue and your tip solved the problem) as to why some of the movieclips on the parent disappear when the SWF is unloaded. I am using-


var queueIE:LoaderMax = new LoaderMax;


queueIE.append(new SWFLoader("IntExtCode.swf", {name:"swfIE_Loader",estimatedBytes:90000, container:this, x:5,y:10, autoplay:false, onComplete:completeIE_Handler}));


in the complete handler is a listener for the close button which executes:




the swf is unloaded very nicely, but several of the movieclips (but not all) are removed as well. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!!



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Hm, I can't imagine why that'd happen, unless those MovieClips are being unloaded as well.

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I found it. I did it. I made the MCs alpha = 0 when the swf loaded. It's been months since I have coded this part of my ITS and I forgot I had done it to avoid some of the MCs floating over the swf - a jury-rigged solution to be sure...again, thank you for your quick attention to my question and I apologize for posting unnecessarily.

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No problem. Glad you figured it out.

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