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How can I execute a Javascript function in my timeline?

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Hi there, I'm using TimelineMax and getting some great results. I'm getting quite proficient with using the Timeline to animate various elements on the page. I've found a script called Typed.js that I've been able to run independently of the Timeline perfectly but I'm unsure of how to get it to play within the timeline? I know there are some callback features but my Javascript isn't great!



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What exactly is it that you want to do?


To answer the question of: "How can I execute a Javascript function in my timeline". A dive into the docs will show you several ways:








From looking at this Typed.js I imagine you could do something like:

var tl = new TimelineMax()

tl.call(function(){ Typed.new('.element', {strings: ["First sentence.", "Second sentence."],typeSpeed: 0}) } ) );

Worth mentioning that there are loads of ways to achieve a type writer effect using just GSAP, if you're interested.




Does any of that help?



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Thanks Dipscom.


I was able put the script into a variable and then use the onComplete parameter in my timeline to play the variable in the end. Now I've learnt how I'll be able to reuse this method!

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