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unloading child swf using button on the child swf

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I am using LoaderMax to load a child swf and it works very well, including the transfer of two variables from parent to child. However, I cannot locate any code (understandable to me) on this forum that indicates the code necessary in the parent and the code necessary in the child to accomplish this. I was able to do it in AS3 with a listener or two and a dispatch event but couldn't transfer the variables. I'd much rather use LoaderMax anyway.


This is the code for the loader in the parent:

queueIE.append(new SWFLoader("IntExtCode.swf", {name:swfMainLoader", estimated bytes:90000, container:this, x:5, y:10, autoPlay:false, onComplete:completeHandler}));


function completeHandler(event:LoaderEvent):void






Can I put a listener (COMPLETE) in this function and use my regular as3 code that dispatches an event with a dispatchEvent in the child code?


Thank you for any help you can give me


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Sorry, I haven't done anything like that with LoaderMax in years. Unfortunately our support time can't be spent digging through AS3 as our entire focus is on HTML5 tooling.


For what it's worth, I do believe you should be able to dispatch an Event from the child and have the parent listen for it. I just don't know exactly how to set it up.

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OK- Thank you for the tip. Appreciate your taking the time to respond...



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Hi, I found the answer to my question in a 2010 response from Jack, "Eventlistener for a button in loaded SWF" using your tip and works perfectly. Thank you for your help!! and for GreenSock!

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