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Multiple animation with one element

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I'm trying to create two separate animations on the same element. 

What I'd like it to do:


Fall in from the top of the screen...Then after that animation is completed, I want the same element to play another animation, but loop it and never repeat the first animation. Here is what I thought I could do.


TweenMax.from(".section1-circle1", 1.0, { ease: Bounce.easeOut, y: -822}, "+=0.5", {repeat: -1, yoyo:true, y: 15});


Any help would be nice. 

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Hi sheep0989 :)


Welcome to the GreenSock forum.


You could do that with two tweens and delay the second one until the first one is finished (or longer):

TweenMax.from(".section1-circle1", 1.0, { y: -822, ease: Bounce.easeOut });
TweenMax.to(".section1-circle1", 1.0, { y: 15, repeat:-1, delay:1, yoyo:true });

But I'd recommend a timeline:

var tl = new TimelineMax();

tl.from(".section1-circle1", 1.0, { y: -822, ease: Bounce.easeOut });
tl.to(".section1-circle1", 1.0, { y: 15, repeat:-1, yoyo:true });

If you have other questions, please make a CodePen so we may better assist you.




Happy tweening.


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