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Some help with TimelineLite and overwrite please

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Hi Guys,


I'm breaking my head because I can't figure this one out...

How can I reuse an array of tweens multiple times without overwriting it?

In the bellow example the "animate2" always overwrites the "animate1" .

I've tried the ovewrite manager but no luck.

var myTimeline:TimelineLite = new TimelineLite();

myTimeline.addLabel("animate1", 0);
myTimeline.addLabel("move", 2);
myTimeline.addLabel("animate2", 4);

var animate:Array = new Array(new TweenLite(mcBall,1,{x:10}),new TweenLite(mcBall,1,{x:0,delay:1,overwrite:0}));

 myTimeline.insert(new TweenLite(mcRect,1,{x:100}),"move");

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You can't do that. Each tween has a specific startTime and parent timeline. In other words, one tween instance cannot be in two places at once.

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So does this mean that I have to dublicate the array every time I'm inserting multiple Tweens? Is there any other way for repeating a specific sequence of Tweens without having to rewrite them?

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Of course - if you want to repeat a set of tweens, you could put them into a TimelineMax that has its "repeat" property set to however many times you want it to repeat, and there's a "repeatDelay" property too that allows you to put time between the repeats. You can do the same kind of thing with an individual TweenMax instance too.

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