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ERROR: Property removeTint not found [SOLVED]

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Hello everyone.


I'm getting a problem that I cannot get rid of on my own.


ERROR: Property removeTint not found


I've activated the plugin in the constructor:



I've successfully applied tint to the TextField:

TweenLite.to(m_letter, 0.3, {tint: Config.GAME_ANSWER_FONT_COLOR_OVER});


But I cannot remove tint:

TweenLite.to(m_letter, 0.5, {removeTint: true});


That code does NOT do the job for me. Throws an error. Using FDT with Flex 3.4 SDK, building FP9 app.


Thanks in advance.

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I've tried without activating the plugin via TweenPlugin and it works.


What is the type of m_letter ? a TextField ? a Sprite ?

if it's a textField, you could try with a sprite and the textField as a child of it.

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Hey! Thanks for the quick reply!


Yes, the object is a TextField instance. And I found a solution myself, which is:



Now everything works flawlessly.


P.S. sorry for dumb post, but it's 3rd sleepless night, 2:25 AM and i have to deliver the project by 12:00 AM :) So, I'm kinda broken.


Anyway thanks for help! Really appreciated.

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