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Problems with the current animation

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hi, i have problem with tabs(hidden\visible) and miscalculation delta time when i back to my hidden tab, example:

i have some object near top my display, this object duration to bottom drop = 10ms, when i started animation i fast change tab in my browser and wait 5 sec for see my object at half display when i back to my hidden tab, BUT i see my object remained at top.

How i can decide this problem ? 

p.s. when i make tween i set useFrame:false, but this not helped for me

p.s.s. sorry for my engl :)

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Hi Farg :)


Welcome to the GreenSock forum.


I think you're asking about a tween continuing to play even when the tab isn't active?


We've had a few discussions about that. Here are some links that might help:






Hopefully that information helps.


Happy tweening.


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