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This thread was started before GSAP 3 was released. Some information, especially the syntax, may be out of date for GSAP 3. Please see the GSAP 3 migration guide and release notes for more information about how to update the code to GSAP 3's syntax. 

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Hi, I'm quite new in the banner development world and I learned a ton reading through this whole forum.


However, I think it would be great for all of us if we could make a list of all blogs (or worthy individual blog posts) that focus on banner development.


So please share all the goodies that you know of.


I found this collection of posts pretty useful: http://codepen.io/dipscom/posts/popular/

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...*blush*, *blush*, *blush*...

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Hey, Dipscom keep up the good work. Would love to see more posts from you about your workflow.

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Oh you... They are more rant than anything else. I do have the intention of doing a follow up on the polite loader one, though. And should review the old ones as I think some ideas might have changed since. :P

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Well, since there are no active blogs that I know of I decided to start blogging myself:


I would love your input since it is crucial to understand if people even care.

You would also help me help others :)

We all could finally have the place for banner development resources!

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Very good initiative Gedas. May it be very successful.


Sharing is caring and usually pushes one's career further.


If I may make only one comment is: Upon visiting your site I was served a modal offering to subscribe to your newsletter. Modals are hated universally. Offer the subscription on the side. Don't cover the content, don't force the user to have to interact with, what effectively is an ad, prior to reaching the content one is interested.


Ads, should be a secondary item in the site. They should be discreet enough to not jar the user's attention but be inviting at the same time.




ps: I have just visited your site just now again and did not see the modal. If you removed it, brilliant. :D


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Thank you!


As for the modal, I changed it to exit intent for now. It all comes down to testing. Right now there is simply not enough traffic, but in general, I don't think modals are bad if your offer is valuable and relevant.


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I am afraid a survey of users disagree with you.




Just think of the user experience.


User: "I'm interested in this article, let's read it."

Page: "Hang on! Before you can read it, here's something else you need to read first - Not an Option - and then you will have to interact with it. Either to dismiss or to agree."

User: "Really? Not fun."


13 hours ago, Gedas said:

...in general, I don't think modals are bad if your offer is valuable and relevant.


Ah, but there's where the crux of the question is. How do you know what is valuable and relevant to each visitor on your page? You can't know. No matter how much the industry goes on about retargeting and personalising, currently it's not hitting the mark.

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The survey is about display ads, optin offer on a blog is a different thing.

As I mentioned, that is why marketers always are testing. And if numbers are telling that users are not happy, then you can try a different approach.

But then again even if your bounce rate increased but your email list is growing faster with popups - that can still be a good tradeoff.

So there is no simple answer or survey :)


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