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One Timeline.play() triggers another's play()

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As you can see, I am trying to see if Timeline's progress is 0, then I play it and it expands the menu (empty) underneath, if it's 1, then it reverses it and folds the menu. Individually, everything works as intended.


However, in order to avoid overlap of menus, I want to close the "other" menu before opening the target one, so I do Timeline.progress(0) to simply reset it to it's folded state.


Unfortunately, this causes the timeline to reset to 0, and then to start playing again, which is not expected from the code...


What am I doing wrong?

See the Pen XNoQZM by IGaMbLeRI (@IGaMbLeRI) on CodePen

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Nevermind, a simple .pause() after .progress(0) has solved it. Codepen updated.

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