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Callback parameter vars wont work on TweenMax

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Hey forums.


Iv'e run into an issue when passing data into a scroll event listener to fire a callback with preset variables.


The settings.in.func callback fires repeatedly instead of once and the vars object wont be accpeted in the TweenMax vars parameter.


The Code pen link provides this behavior when scrolling down.  

See the Pen xOZYYr by joshscorrar (@joshscorrar) on CodePen

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Hey joshscorrar,


By golly that's a lot of ifs... ;)


I don't know what you are trying to achieve but I did manage to track down where your code is breaking. Thanks for the Pen, it would have been impossible otherwise.


You're not targeting the right bits when calling TweenMax:

TweenMax.to(eData.targetElm, eData.settings.in.dur, eData.settings.in);
// According to your object structure it should be something like the bellow
TweenMax.to(eData.targetElm[0], eData.settings.in.dur, eData.settings.in.vars);
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