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Would love some advice on CubeDial Demo

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Anyone try building this in Flash?





I've started down the path of digging into the logic, and replacing the HTML stuff with MovieClips, but one major piece is missing since there is no equivalent "Draggable" plugin for AS3.


Well, I'm deep in the muck... so I'm going to continue and see what I'm able to do, but perhaps someone has already gone down this path and has some advice?


Much obliged!

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Howdy @HGStudio. You're correct - we don't have Draggable in ActionScript. I'm curious - what caused you to choose Flash over HTML5/JS for this project? I'm not criticizing at all - just wondering so that I can better understand the decisions developers make. We saw a HUGE shift to HTML5/JS several years ago and almost the entire Flash user base that we served years ago made that jump and clearly communicated to us that it's where they wanted our help as well. So that's where all our resources are focused now. 


Anyway, sorry there's not a simple solution for you regarding Draggable in Flash. I really wish I had one to offer you. 

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