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GSAP Banners on Amazon

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Hey guys,


Does anyone know if Amazon allows a CDN link to GSAP for banners that go on their website or does it have to be included within the banner?

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HTML Ad Security

HTML ads must be served secure (https:) and must not include dynamic creative content, which changes based on pre-determined variables (Ex. Weather, IP, Date) unless otherwise approved by AMG rep.

Shared libraries (including use of web fonts) that are hosted on an approved, certified third party domains, are exempt from the initial ad load. Ensure you have the proper license for webfont use in your ad creative. Amazon holds no responsibility to obtaining, granting, or extending webfont licenses. Open source webfonts are permitted.

HTML Ad Requirements

  • All ads must meet Amazon’s existing creative acceptance policies
  • All ads are to be provided as JavaScript or iFrame tags in .txt or .xls format.
  • Accessing device API’s such as Local Storage, Geolocation, Microphone, or Camera is prohibited.
  • Console statements must be omitted to avoid verbose logging and errors in older browsers.
  • Ad serving and tracking must be over https.
  • Clicks are limited to three redirects.
  • Ads must limit https requests to 10.
  • Max CPU: ad not to exceed 30% CPU usage during host-initiated execution.
  • Assets must be hosted on a Content Delivery Network (CDN).
  • External CSS/JS libraries must be pulled from a server that supports gzipping.
  • All code must be minified and concatenated.
  • Use of emerging CSS properties for style purposes only should include proper vendor prefixes for cross-browser support. Ads must not use emerging CSS layout properties such as Flexbox.
  • Ads must provide a static backup when JavaScript is disabled via a “noscript” as well as dynamically load a static image if the ad fails to load.
  • Ads must reference click tags via: var clickTag = “https://www.example.com”;
  • In the event of multiple click destinations, ads must reference click tags as clickTag1, clickTag2…
  • Animation can be inline-video, CSS, SVG/SMIL, and/or JavaScript (WebGL, Canvas, DOM) driven.
  • Progressive in-banner video for animation must not be larger than 2.5mbs.
  • Ads with JavaScript animation must use the requestAnimationFrame API and should gracefully fail when not supported.
  • Ads must support all modern browsers and have graceful failovers for older browser versions. If an older browser is detected a static backup/default must be served.
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Shared libraries (including use of web fonts) that are hosted on an approved, certified third party domains, are exempt from the initial ad load.



But they don't say which libraries!!

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