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exporting to version 6??

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is this possible? I built an animation using the v10 of tweenlite and tweenmax, and I get syntax errors when exporting to player 6. I know thats like 239137 years old, but some clients are useless like that.


Will it work at all? I'm guessing not...

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Sure, you should be able to use TweenMax in an swf that's published to version 6 but you'll have to alter the class file slightly. The problem is the fact that it automatically activates several filters by default, several of which require Flash Player 8 or later because that's when filters were introduced. That's not a TweenMax issue - it's just a Flash issue. You can NOT do filter tweening if you're publishing to FP6. Just open the TweenMax class file and find the spot towards the top of hte class where the plugins are activated (it's clearly labeled). Comment out anything filter-related like BlurFilterPlugin, BevelFilterPlugin, etc.


Hope that helps.

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