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Resize Loaded external flash swf AIR

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Hey !! I am new at Actinscript, I'm working with Adobe Animate CC and I have a project based on AIR for Android. I want a code that can run and play an AS3 external SWF flash game in full screen with auto-resize to support different android screen sizes.
Can you help me with the code please.


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Welcome to the forums, Selena.


Unfortunately, this forum is focused on specific questions about GreenSock tools in particular. We just don't have the resources to answer more general questions or help folks build projects from scratch for free. Also please not that our ActionScript tools were sunset years ago as the industry moved to HTML5/JS and made it clear to us that we should focus our efforts there. You're welcome to use the ActionScript tools, of course. We just don't plan to update them anymore, and we don't actively support them. 


Good luck with your project. 

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