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VideoLoader load and play video from server/network

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I have created a piece of software which at one point allows users to play a video/audio file. The video/audio file is loaded into the software by the user, re-saved into the users My Document's folder and then VideoLoader loads and plays the re-saved file.


The issue I am experiencing is that one of software users works at a company where their My Documents folder is mapped to a network location (something like Server01) meaning when VideoLoader attempts to load the video it triggers both the OnFail and OnError functions. 


Is this something you can't do using VideoLoader or is there a way around this?


Many thanks.

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That sounds like a security restriction that Adobe has put in place. I'm not aware of a solution. I know that in general, you must choose to allow EITHER local OR network connections (not both). You might want to look into how to sense which you need in your particular scenario and perhaps change a setting in the player (not VideoLoader - I mean Adobe's runtime). Sorry I don't have an easy answer for you. These ActionScript tools aren't really supported anymore as the market has shifted to HTML5. 

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I thought the issue would be something Adobe put in place deliberately so I'm glad you think the same. I think if I check the location of My Documents before saving the video/audio file I can then work around this. Thank you for the quick response anyway.


EDIT: I don't suppose there's a list anywhere of what response event.text could return for OnError and OnFail (even if it's just the most frequent ones)?

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