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Question about timelinelite

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H, thanks for the code btw.


So say I have a few buttons, and when you roll over them, I trigger a timeline..

_roll.insertMultiple([ new TweenLite(_gear1, .5, {alpha:1, y:16, rotation:"180"}), 
					   		new TweenLite(_gear2, .5, {alpha:1, y:16, rotation:"-180"})], 0, TweenAlign.START, 0); 


but then when I roll out, I want to reverse it.



but, if you roll off of one button and then back onto another quick, it seems to take the starting y value from the gears position after it's already rolled down, instead of returning it to it's original position?


also is there a way to add tweens without playing it right away,.. i notice insert multiple plays them as soon as you insert them.

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Are you asking how to pause your timeline initially? Either pause() it after you create it or just pass "paused:true" in the vars object, like:


_roll = new TimelineLite({paused:true});


Does that answer your question?

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kinda, thanks for the quick reply.. I wasn't clear about the question, sorry.


i guess my main problem is that i'm starting something at y:-20, and in the timelinelite, tween it to y:30, but there are multiple buttons that fire the timeline, and when you rol off of those buttons it reverses it. but if i roll off one button and onto another fast enough, of course it never finishes the reversed tween, which is fine as it should be in the over position, but when I roll off that button it doesn't reverse anymore.

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it's cool, i figured it out, well sort of.. i just put an if statement checking if the tween was active, and if it was restarting it.. not sure if it's right or what not but it works.

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