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using timeline controls in as2

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ok so I'm trying to create a button that will restart my movie, but I'm stuck using as2 as it is for a banner.


Is there an AS2 version of this?


function overHandler(event:MouseEvent):void {


I'm using this


replay.onPress = function() { 


and I'm getting a trace, but not a restart. Am I doing something wrong?


thanks. I love the tweening platform. I'm a total newb, but tweenlite actually makes it fun to make flash stuff. :)

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I'm not sure where you're defining your myTimeline variable, but remember that AS2 has scope problems. AS3 maintains scope whereas AS2 doesn't. Try to trace(myTimeline) in your onPress and see if it's undefined.

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ah I see. I'm only just learning AS and mostly only AS3, so this AS2 business is a bit frustrating.


the trace returns [object Object] so it seems like it's got the right object. it's just not listening to it.


thanks for the help. :)

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