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Smooth transition between previous animation an SlowMo ease

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Hey, I am working on a circular animation mainly based around animating the rotation property of clips and run into an issue with smoothly transition between an initial animation using the "StrongIn" ease and a follow-up of "SlowMo"-eases. I have made some tests with sequencing SlowMo animations and they seem to transition smoothly even if using different values for the params. But getting into the SlowMo smoothly from the other animation doesn’t work for me at the moment.


Does anybody have any advice on how to accomplish this or done this in the past?


Is it possible to have "finer" control over the SlowMo ease like controlling the ease for the beginning and the end of the SlowMo separately?


Really appreciate any help!

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Sorry for posting the questions...it actually DOES TRANSITION SMOOTHLY. There’s been a mistake in my code. Thanks!

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