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"The ability to create new standalone image and HTML5 banner creatives will be removed on June 30." Huh?

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This thread was started before GSAP 3 was released. Some information, especially the syntax, may be out of date for GSAP 3. Please see the GSAP 3 migration guide and release notes for more information about how to update the code to GSAP 3's syntax. 

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That sounds to me like info that pertains to the people who actually have to book the ads. We use DCM, and if there are things the AdOps employees need to know, they would not communicate them to us, the people who create the banners, because it doesn't pertain to us.


I create a zip file of my assets, with the backup image outside of the zip file.

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In DoubleClick Studio the message says "On June 30 the ability to upload new Flash creatives will be removed as DoubleClick Digital Marketing goes 100% HTML5. Make the switch to HTML5 now."  Which makes total sense--in DCM that message might be referring to the updated names that doubleClick is giving to HTML5 creative or as Somnamblst suggests something for publishers or folks who book the ads.

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I think it is just renaming of product

  • Display creatives are non–rich media creatives that can use image or HTML5. Display creatives offer:

    • click tag reporting on individual exits
    • unlimited asset file size
    • polite loading
  • HTML5 banners are non–rich media creatives that use HTML5 and appear within set borders on a page. They have two advantages:

    • support on mobile devices and desktops
    • flexible dimensions
  • Rich media All other HTML5 creatives use rich media elements, so they must be created in Studio (e.g., display expanding or display interstitial creatives). You can get HTML5 rich media creatives from Studio and set them up in DCM. This includes rich media display banner HTML5 creatives, which use Rich Media elements. HTML5 banner creatives also render in-page, but they do not have rich media elements.

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We actually had a Google employee helping us with the transition to HTML5 last summer. In the Flash SWF days any banner with more than one file had to go Rich Media, even if it was just an XML file loading slide show images.


Because I knew that, I assumed we were going to be building DCRM ads in order to do HTML5. Our Google dude, said no, that unless we were doing expanding, dynamic or video, no matter how many files, the HTML5 banners were DCM compatible (no impression fees like DCRM). In fact my DCRM test banners failed to upload into DCM, because studio.js has a different API for click tracking.


The other thing that happened is that all DCM accounts were upgraded to Enhanced Banners for free. Enhanced banners have Rich Media like metrics. But your AdOps people may not be choosing Enhanced when they do what AdOps people do  :x


I also suspect some agencies don't know this and are creating DCRM banners when they don't have to, and paying impression fees.

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