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Anyone know how to loop the circle animation. 

I tried adding (yoyo: False) to each of the lines but they're only looping their respective parts. 


I'm trying to get the circle draw on and have the draw off be in the same direction. 


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Here's probably the simplest way to do it: 

var tl = new TimelineMax({repeat:-1});
  tl.from("#stroke1", 1, {
    drawSVG: "100% 100%",
    ease: Expo.easeInOut
}).to("#stroke1", 1, {
    drawSVG: "0% 0%",
    ease: Expo.easeInOut

To do it without the timeline, you could have set repeat:-1 and repeatDelay:1 on your tweens, and overwrite:false on the 2nd one, but I think the timeline approach is much cleaner and it gives you an easy way to control the animation as a whole as well. For example, pause(), resume(), timeScale(), reverse(), or whatever. 


Happy tweening!

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