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Led wall

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This thread was started before GSAP 3 was released. Some information, especially the syntax, may be out of date for GSAP 3. Please see the GSAP 3 migration guide and release notes for more information about how to update the code to GSAP 3's syntax. 

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Dear community,


once again a client came with a real challenge, he wants to animate a kind of "led wall" in the background of an animation (see attached screenshot).


I have really no clue on how this could be done, if you have an idea please shoot :mrgreen:




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What exactly do you need the LEDs to do? It wouldn't be difficult to create a bunch of elements that are arranged like that, but it's important to understand exactly how your client wants the LEDs to animate. Got any examples? Brief description at least?

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Yes sorry wel the idea is to write something big on the wall, like "ROCK STAR" or "THE BEST" with some fancy tv show animation

it's all about light effects, glitters, flashes...

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There is an AS3 LED wall FLA, that was posted to Flashkit, years ago. It is similar to your example, except it is the concave type, and the message does scroll, Not sure how feasible converting the AS3 to JS is, but it may  give you an idea as to how to go about it. I have the FLA if you would like to see it.


You might also be able to export it from Animate CC as a video, and use it as the background in your banner. You just change the string to change the text.


On second thought, I don't think you can export actionscript animation to video, because there is nothing to export from a one frame timeline, with nothing on it. But maybe you can use some type of viddeo capture program to capture the SWF playing.

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Hi somnablast,


I think a later version of Flash Pro added really solid support for capturing script-based animation.

Basically you just tell Flash (now Animate) how long it should record for.

The important thing is that the recorder will always wait for each frame to render before recording so no frames are dropped at all.


Here is a video sample I found awhile ago: 

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Thanks for your advice, I'll look into your examples

I'm also waiting for an answer if I may or not use video in this campaign

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Here is the LED 3D Wall link on Flashkit. Posting it here because some veteran GSAPers are also actionscript gurus and maybe the conversion to JS would not be insurmountable...


Since you can export timeline animations to canvas, Flashkit can be a resource for FLAs, as unlike actionscript.org the FLAs were actually uploaded to the site and are not 404s


Need santa and 8 reindeers? Flashkit has it.



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Here's a tutorial on how to create those particles...



More demos...

See the Pen JYJPJr by Mamboleoo (@Mamboleoo) on CodePen

See the Pen wKqwPN by Mamboleoo (@Mamboleoo) on CodePen

See the Pen NxPgxE by Mamboleoo (@Mamboleoo) on CodePen

See the Pen OMPgNE by Mamboleoo (@Mamboleoo) on CodePen

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very impressive, I really need to learn canvas, never tried and only creating DOM banners

Thanks for your help

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