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First and Last Value of Blurfilter

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hi, i'm using as3 tweenmax and tweenlite i want to make blur and move animation. but, i need first and last values of blur effect during animation. I tried timeline and overwrite but timeline is stopping before second animation.dont understand overwrite


my code is here. but values is the same all time. :(


TweenMax.to(container.markalar, 1.5,{x:git,blurFilter:{blurX:20}, ease:Elastic.easeOut} );

TweenMax.to(container.markalar, 3,{alpha:1,blurFilter:{blurX:0}} );


I want to my blur effect values begin 0 , high 20 and ending with 0 again. how can i do this?

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You have several options. Assuming the blur is already at zero when you create these tweens (if not, just use the startAt property or use TweenMax.fromTo()) :


1) use a delay:

TweenMax.to(container.markalar, 1.5, {x:git,blurFilter:{blurX:20}, ease:Elastic.easeOut} );
TweenMax.to(container.markalar, 3,{alpha:1, blurFilter:{blurX:0}, delay:1.5} );


2) use a timeline:

var timeline:TimelineLite = new TimelineLite();
timeline.append( new TweenMax(container.markalar, 1.5, {x:git, blurFilter:{blurX:20}, ease:Elastic.easeOut}) );
timeline.append( new TweenMax(container.markalar, 2, {alpha:1, blurFilter:{blurX:0}}) );


The benefit of using a timeline is that you can control the entire sequence as a whole with pause(), play(), reverse(), restart(), etc.



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