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Tween not happening from center for scale bezier

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Hi , i cant change registration point , i have scaled my target but still i cant able to change the x , it starts from a point and ends at  a different point , but it scales but x point is not changed. and i am using a bezier curve actually ! so using bezier values.

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Hi and welcome to the GreenSock forums,


I am having a very hard time understanding what the problem is.

Please create a very simple FLA that clearly illustrates the problem.

You can zip the fla and attach it to this post using the "more reply options" button.



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playerEffect = TweenMax.to(mc,1,bezier:{follower:mc2,curviness:curvinessBezier,values:bezierArray});

As it is a confidential project i cant post it , but it look somewaht like this and i have added the scaleX,scaleY properties are added in the end still it wont move and scale along the path. 

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Sorry, I can't take that code fragment you provided and try to simulate the issue you are having.

I don't need to see any of your actual production assets. You just need to recreate the tween with a simple vector MovieClip so that I can see how you are setting the transformation point and registration point.


This video here explains how the transformation point works differently than the registration point.



Again, a very simple example is all we need to see. 

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Hey I just saw another post from you , an user asked how to rotate the mc along the center point in bezier , you have suggested a formulation to be placed in the onUpdate function , i tweaked the formula and it worked for me , thank you very much ! you just saved me a lot of time .

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