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Richard Ryu

To add allowDelete:true option after a TransformManager has been created?

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I usually create my transform manager like below : 


var manager:TransformManager = new TransformManager();

var mc1Item:TransformItem = manager.addItem(mc1);
var mc2Item:TransformItem = manager.addItem(mc2);


Question 1 :

I'd like to add an option "allowDelete:true" in the transformManager.

How can I resolve my trouble?


Question 2 :

And there are one more thing.

I'm planning to make a button that is used in purpose for removing TransformItem.

If then which action do I declare?


I'm currently using backspace key for removing item

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I assume you mean:

manager.allowDelete = true;

And if you want to delete a particular item:


In case you haven't seen them, there are docs at http://greensock.com/asdocs/transform/

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