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What resources can a complete beginner with little programming experience use to get started using Greensock with Adobe Animate?

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I'm in a class where our final project is to create an interactive comic book using Adobe Animate. I missed the pre-requisite for this course, which went over coding in Javascript to make games in depth. My professor has his own tutorials about how to use Greensock to enhance our projects, but since previous programming knowledge was expected, it went way over my head. I'm just really lost about where to begin with this project. The most I know how to do in Animate are basic tweens. I successfully added some interactivity using a button, but not much more than that.


As a complete beginner I'm very discouraged by this project. I've searched google hundreds of times now looking for beginning examples of how to create interactive interfaces using Adobe Animate or the older Flash Professional CC. I'm shocked by how little community there is and how hard it is to find example files. The only files I found were from FlashKit.com, and they were so outdated that they don't run correctly in Animate. 


Does anyone have advice about where to get started with this project? Do you know any tutorials that are aimed at complete beginners? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading :)

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Hi and welcome to the GreenSock forums,


Sorry to hear of your trouble. From what I know there are not many resources that show how to do the basics of JavaScript programming in Animate.


The tricky part is that although you can write JavaScript in Animate you also need to know a little bit about the EaselJS API in order to create, modify or communicate with objects that are on your stage. http://www.createjs.com/getting-started/easeljs


For instance if you are writing code that tells a button to do something when clicked, that is technically EaselJS code which is written in JavaScript. EaselJS is part of the createJS suite of tools that empower Animates' HTML5 canvas export. 


And it might get a little more confusing if you also have to learn how the GreenSock code works (although we try to make it as simple as possible).


For the absolute beginner, I can see that it isn't easy to get up to speed. 


I think the majority of people having success with Animate probably knew ActionScript pretty well and put in some decent time learning how to migrate to EaselJS. Back in 2010-2012ish there were some decent articles showing how to make the switch (which you probably stumbled into).


I just don't really know of what is written for someone coming into totally fresh. I think Animate is going to gain in popularity and as that happens more resources will be made available. 


You mentioned that your instructor has his own tutorials. Are they online somewhere? I would love to see them. 

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