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Image brightness

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how could I control (animate) the brightness of an image through GS?

something like filter: brightness(2) fadein on hover.



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One solution is create an object with the starting value for the filter (I used 1 for the sample), tween that value and then apply it to the image:

var brightnessObj = {'brightnes':1};

function updateBgt(){
    .css('-webkit-filter','brightness(' + Math.floor(brightnessObj.brightnes*1000) / 1000 + ')')
    .css('filter','brightness(' + Math.floor(brightnessObj.brightnes*1000) / 1000 + ')')

TweenLite.to(brightnesObj, 1, {brightnes: 2, onUpdate:updateBgt});

You can see it working here:


See the Pen LNzPVK by rhernando (@rhernando) on CodePen


Also you can use the setter/getter functions in an object to achieve the same result:


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Nice Guys! ;)


Here is my take on animating the CSS Filter brightness() property with GSAP:


See the Pen rnBmf by jonathan (@jonathan) on CodePen



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