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drawSVG in banner ad

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I think a project I will be doing soon will require the drawSVG plugin to animate an svg path.  I know that this is a benefit of the GSAP membership and the files are downloaded from the member area.  


What i would like to know is the drawSVG plugin an additional js file that will need to be included in the creative and therefor its file size or is it included in the file size exclusions that GSAP generally benefits from.



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The reason that the main GSAP files (like TweenMax.min.js) are exempt from file size calculations is because the ad networks consider them sufficiently pervasive (popular) and thus host them on their CDNs and are confident they're be cached by a very large number of devices. But that would not generally apply to the bonus plugins because those are "extras" that aren't pervasively cached (nor should they be) and they're not on the CDNs (otherwise anyone could tap into them for free without signing up for a membership). Therefore, you would need to include them in your creative and factor them into your file size budget. Most of the bonus plugins are pretty slim though, especially considering the amount of functionality packed in :) 


Good luck with your banner ads and thanks for being a member. Happy tweening!

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DrawSVGPlugin is about 1.25kb gzipped and minified. 

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