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ThrowPropsPlugin - object follow spiral path?

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How can I program an object using ThrowPropsPlugin along a spiral path (roulette wheel ball)?

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Hi and welcome to the GreenSock forums.


ThrowPropsPlugin can tween the velocity of any property so it can tween horizontal motion just as easily as it can rotation. For doing spiral motion it is going to be quite tricky to do that in a single tween.


Here is a little snippet of spiral animation code for JavaScript




the syntax is very similar to ActionScript but its the mathematical concepts that will hopefully help a little. It's definitely possible that once you figure out how to programmatically generate spiral animation that you could use ThrowPropsPlugin to tween a velocity value. It is a fairly ambitious undertaking and not something that we can just whip together for you.

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One other random idea (which may or may not prove useful/doable) is to just use a Bezier for the spiral, create a tween along that path using a Linear.easeNone ease, pause it, and then you could "throw" its "progress" or "time" value. Probably not a perfect solution, but I figured I'd throw it out there (pun intended). :)

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