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3d orbital circular motion tween

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I'm trying to get an array of 4 images to all rotate in a 3d space around a center point. This seemed like it should be easy to me but I can't seem to create a tween for it. Can anyone provide a link or help me get started? Thanks!

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TweenProxy3D makes this pretty simple actually because it allows you to set a registration point for each object in 3D space dynamically. So you could set the registration points to be in the middle (they'd all share a common registration point), and then tween their rotationY property (or whatever). Or you could try arranging them in 3D space inside a container MovieClip and then just tween the rotationX/rotationY of that MovieClip. Just a few ideas off the top of my head.


TweenProxy3D is only for Flash Player 10 and later, and it comes with "Really Green" Club GreenSock memberships and higher. I've attached a demo. Sign up at http://blog.greensock.com/club/

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Thanks for the info. I signed up for the 'Really Green' membership a few months back so I had the class but never messed with it. Would you or anyone else have any links or reference sites to good FP10 3D examples or books. I'm starting to remember what scared me so much about 3D…the math. I can't even come up with an equation for the orbit path.

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ActionScript Animation by Keith Peters is awesome. There's one for AS2 and another for AS3. Highly recommended.


You don't really need to figure out how to do math for an orbit path or anything - using TweenProxy3D (or even without it), you can just offset the registration point in 3D and then tween the rotationY or rotationX property to make it orbit. In the example I posted, change the z position of the registration point and then tween one of those properties - you should see it orbit.

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