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Error #1508 at BlitMask

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Hello! After the release of the player version (9 February 2016) was to pour a lot of mistakes #1508 in our game. The version of the library, we have updated, but it did not help. We hope to fix this error :(


Stack Trace:ArgumentError: Error #1508

at com.greensock::BlitMask/_render()

at com.greensock::BlitMask/_render()

at com.greensock::BlitMask/update()

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Sorry to hear you are having trouble. We haven't touched any of the code in BlitMask since 2013. Unfortunately this clearly seems to be a bug that Adobe has introduced in the latest Flash Player. However, I just tested the demo on our page using and it appears to run fine. We haven't heard of any of these mysterious errors for many years with BlitMask.


I googled the error 1508 and found no useful info.


I would suggest you make a very very very simple demo with just enough code to illustrate the problem (perhaps just a single BlitMask) and post it for Adobe to look at. 

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