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Need simplest possible example of drag.

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This thread was started before GSAP 3 was released. Some information, especially the syntax, may be out of date for GSAP 3. Please see the GSAP 3 migration guide and release notes for more information about how to update the code to GSAP 3's syntax. 

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Since my example code is so simple I thought it might be best to just lay it out here rather than use codepen.

When I run the following code in firefox I get no error message but it doesn't drag either, in Chrome I get 2 errors:

Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token <
dragTest.html:20 Uncaught ReferenceError: Draggable is not defined(anonymous function) @ dragTest.html:20
Here is my code:
<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
<meta charset="UTF-8">
<title>drag test</title>
<style type="text/css">
#smallBox {
position: absolute;
width: 100px;
height: 100px;
background-color: red;
<div id="smallBox"></div>
<script src="gs/min/utils/"></script>
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That sure sounds like Draggable isn't loaded.

//you have this
<script src="gs/min/utils/"></script>
// have you tried this ?
<script src="gs/min/utils/Draggable.min.js"></script>

Does that help?


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I've tried that and when I do I get only 1 message   Uncaught ReferenceError: Draggable is not defined

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hmmm... I suppose we shouldn't overlook the obvious here - I don't see TweenMax being loaded in the code you posted.


If you load Draggable without TweenMax, you will still get the draggable is not defined error.


Could TweenMax be missing?



Edit: you can also use TweenLite, but will need the CSSPlugin too. 

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That did it! Thank you so much!

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