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Transform Manager Offset When Using ColorMatrixFilter on Containers of Target DisplayObject (as3)

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Transform Manager works GREAT in general, first off.


But, when I apply a ColorMatrixFilter to a container - in this case taking the whole design area and applying a greyscale effect - the TransformManager selection box / handles show up offset up and left from the actual target.


The filter applied looks like-

_greyScaleEnabled == true;
var matrix:Array = new Array();
matrix=matrix.concat([0.5,0.5,0.5,0,0]);// red
matrix=matrix.concat([0.5,0.5,0.5,0,0]);// green
matrix=matrix.concat([0.5,0.5,0.5,0,0]);// blue
matrix=matrix.concat([0,0,0,1,0]);// alpha
var greyscaleFilter:ColorMatrixFilter=new ColorMatrixFilter(matrix);

applied to the layers container (where all the interactive objects are in child containers for different layers)


public function applyCanvasMatrixFilter( $matrixFilter:ColorMatrixFilter ):void {

if (!_myFilters) { _myFilters = []; }
_layersContainer.filters = _myFilters;


From this point on, after the TransformTool had been positioned perfectly up until this point, it will now be offset significantly up and left.  It seems there may be some kind of translation from child x,y position to the stage position / transform tool container (localToGlobal or similar?) that might not be working right when a filter like this is applied to a grandparent of the target object.


Scale is at play too of both the target object and the container object as well.





Is this a known bug, or are there configurations for the TransformTool that will help correct offset?


Does applying a filter to a parent container wipe out location data of child objects in flash somehow?

Thanks so much for any insight on how to fix this...


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Hm, it looks like you might be using TransformTool which is not a GreenSock product. You mentioned "TransformTool" in your post, and there's no record of you purchasing TransformManager here, and the screen shot you provided kinda looks like TransformTool. I wish we could help, but it'd be best to contact the author of that tool instead. Let us know if we misunderstood. Good luck!

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Hot dam, you are correct.  


Sorry about that, I now see that it was ported over some time last year, it did originally use TransformManager purchased under another account and I see a dev note here that the feature request was to have a vertical rotate handle control that sticks up from the center with a ball on top like in the Senocular TransformTool example.  Is that a supported control in the GS TransformManager?


Unfortunately looks like the Senocular TransformTool was in the middle of a v2 beta that wasn't quite finished and isn't supported anymore - no updates since 2013.  So, now it looks like maybe we'll be porting BACK to GS TransformManager at some point this year.  


Yay!  I'll be back!


We still use TweenLite and TweenMax religiously and have for probably close to 10 years.



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That's great to hear that you've been faithfully pressing TweenLite and TweenMax into service for close to 10 years. Excellent. And no, TransformManager doesn't directly support the vertical rotate handle that you described, but you could probably hack that if you really wanted to. That being said, due very clear market demand we've moved away from Flash and embraced HTML5/JavaScript over the past several years, so we have no plans to further develop or support the Flash tools like TransformManager. That was a tough decision for us because as you probably know, we have a very long track record of consistent support of our tools but we really need to allocate our resources to best serve our customers. They have definitely made it clear that they want HTML5/JS solutions rather than Flash solutions and we've embraced that.


Anyway, you are certainly welcome to use TransformManager and it should work great for you - I just wanted to make sure you knew that we're no longer actively maintaining or supporting it. 


Best wishes!

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