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TweenMax for AS2: Flash MX2004 limitations?

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Trying to use TweenMax AS2 version.


Simple test:


var myGroup:TweenGroup = TweenGroup.allTo(myArray, .2, {blurFilter:{blurX:10, blurY:10}}, TweenMax);

//then later...



Returns errors, "The class BitmapFilter could not be loaded" and "Actionscript 2.0 class scripts may only define class or interface constructs" and some others.


I am running Flash MX2004 - is that the prob?


TIA for your help.

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You must be publishing to a Flash Player before version 8. Remember, you MUST publish to Flash Player 8 or later to accommodate filters. That's not a TweenMax thing - it's a Flash thing :)

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Hmm. A check of the embedded SWF shows that it's published to version 6!


So, there's no way to publish to a later version of Flash except to upgrade to Flash CS-something?

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Yep, you've gotta have at least Flash 8.

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