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Tween changing size

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Im new to both AS2 and Tweenlite, so i hope someone here can help me out a bit with this newbie question.


I want to be able to transform a movieclip in size from 90% to a 100% with a smooth motion. What i now have found is:




To change its size to 100% but this action is preformed instantly. What i want is a smooth motion when the movieclip gets larger.


Hope someone can help me with this!




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I figured it out with this


TweenLite.to(ruta2_mc, 1, {_x:300, _y:450,_xscale:100, _yscale:100 });


Sorry for a stupid question.


But now for another one, cus i couldnt find any answer for this one either.


After this is done i want to move the movieclip outside of the screen and then delete it. How do i do that?





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You can either use the "delay" special property to sequence the tweens, or use an onComplete to call a function that does that. Just tween it off the stage and then use removeMovieClip().


TweenLite.to(ruta2_mc, 1, {_x:300, _y:450,_xscale:100, _yscale:100 });
TweenLite.to(ruta2_mc, 1, {_x:800, delay:1, overwrite:false, onComplete:myFunction});
function myFunction():Void {


If ruta2_mc is at a level lower than 0, you'll probably have to swapDepths() to a higher level before you removeMovieClip().

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