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is there a way to add a custom delete symbol by a TransformItem, maybe a red X in the upper right/left corner ( something styled like this : T_dead.jpg ) , that would replicate the same functionality as hitting the "delete" key? i've seen similar functionality somewhere else, can't recall where right now...


in the format that i'm using and displaying TransformItems inside my application, it would be asking too much of the end user to know to hit the "delete" key on their keyboard. plus , the delete key might end up already be taken up in other parts of the application, rendering it not able to be used to delete TransformItems anyways!


any thoughts on this would be much appreciated, thanks!

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You're welcome to add that functionality, but I don't believe it should be part of TransformManager by default because it's inconsistent with the way most modern day graphics programs work, and I suspect it would annoy a lot of users. But again, you should feel free to add that functionality if you want. You could just have it call the deleteSelction() method.

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yeah, wasn't saying to add it as default inside TransformManager, i just was wondering how i would go about adding that graphic attached to a transformItem's "handles".



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