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@Mustana, good to see you hear in forums as well :)

I noticed that you are expecting to use `e` (i.e. event object) inside the `onDragEnd` and `onDrag` callbacks but as per the documentation, you need to reference the `Draggable` object by using `this` keyword.


So these lines:

if (e.x >= 400) {


var clipProp = (e.x - 10) + 'px';

should be changed into:

if (this.x >= 400) {


var clipProp = (this.x - 10) + 'px';

The event object that you were trying to access before is the one that is made available by browsers but the properties it carries, varies between browsers. So Google Chrome has the `x` and `y` exposed and your code seemed to work just fine but the cross-browser way would be to access the Draggable object by using `this` keyword and then access `x` or any other property through it.

I hope this solves your problem.

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