DCM (Doubleclick Campiagn Manager)

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Hi friendlygiraffe,


The two things are not related. Local or session storage would be if you were trying to save something into the user's computer. Like, when you have a game and give them the option for the user to save his/her progress. Or an Ad that would save whether the user has seen it or not and present different/alternative content depending on it.


GSAP is an external library. I never know which one of the different heads of Google's Hydra Monster Presence but you should have your GSAP references to their CDN, unless it is going into AdWords. Check the bellow out:

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Ads uploaded to DCM may or may not end up on the Google Display Network and or AdWords as I am not clear as to whether GDN and AdWords is synonymous.


You can path to a CDN and your ad will upload successfully to DCM, and be successfully running on a Publisher's site(s) and still get a message from AdOps saying your ad was rejected for Adwords. AdWords does not allow any external file links to anything other than Google fonts.


AdWords are super cheap ads where the advertiser only pays per click. The rest of the industry is impression based fees.

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