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How to Trigger a Tween.lite animation with a Draggable snap point.

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new to this framework but it seems really really neat, makes me excited to get in to web animation. Great work Greensock team!


I have a question that I suspect is fairly simple, I would like to trigger different tweenlite animations using a draggable button, so that depending on where the draggable object stops, or snaps, it will trigger a new tweenlite object.


Hopefully someone can understand my question :) 

I will put it into a codepen but this is my js atm.


Draggable.create("#button", {
bounds: document.getElementById("line"),
throwProps: true,
liveSnap: true,
snap:[5, 75, 150, 225, 285],
trigger: document.getElementById("button"),
onDrag: function() {
onDragEnd:function() {
TweenLite.to(sideElement1, 2, {sideElement1, width:"200px", height:"150px"});
any help would be greatly appreciated.
would love to be able to contribute to this forum, since this seems to be part of my new work description....
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It seems like you would have seen an error in the console for this.

TweenLite.to(sideElement1, 2, {sideElement1, width:"200px", height:"150px"});

// Should be
TweenLite.to(sideElement1, 2, {width:"200px", height:"150px"});
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