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FlexBlitMask with HGroup

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I am having a little trouble using the FlexBlitMask to scroll an RSS feed.  


My goal is to create a scrolling RSS feed on the screen.


I found an issue with TextFields a long time ago which basically causes the object to behave odd when too much text is asked to be rendered on the screen.  Sometimes the text will stop at some character point and begin printing over itself.  Other times, it displays nothing.


The way I got around this was to create an HGroup, cut the text into blocks of say 100 characters, then as they are scrolling, queue them in and out of the HGroup.


This method works just fine, but the text is jumpy and laggy.


I attempted to use Blitmask to fix this problem, but it doesnt seem to want to show anything on the screen for me.


I suspect some of the problem is due to me using horizontalScrollPosition on the HGroup to move the textFields it contains across the screen.







hTextGroup = HGroup.  It contains TextFields of RSS text.


// How I declared blitmask

blitmask = new FlexBlitMask(hTextGroup,hTextGroup.x, hTextGroup.y, this.width, this.height, true, false);


A timer updates the hTextGroup.horizontalScrollPosition by a few pixels every x milliseconds



I was successful in getting this to work with just one TextField and BlitMask, but using an HGroup, I'm having trouble.





Any help you could provide would be appreciated.




Thank you!



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Sorry to hear you are having trouble.


Unfortunately, we haven't touched Flex in years. I would strongly suggest that the target of your Blitmask is a normal AS3 DisplayObject.

I had to look up what an hGroup was and it seems like it is part of some spark component package. Our experience has shown that Flex components extremely prone to bugs and rarely behave as expected. 


The best advice I can give is to put your hGroup in a Sprite and make the Sprite the target of the BlitMask.

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Thank you for your help Carl.


I have a couple methods I might try and implement to fix the issue I am having.  Unfortunately, the entire system is built on Flex objects, so redesigning it might be a little difficult.


Thank you!

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