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Pause Tweens that are delayed?

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Hi there!  So the issue that I'm running into is that I am trying to pause all of the tweens that are .isActive().  This works for all tweens that are actively tweening, but not those that have a delay on them.  They will then play while everything else if paused.  So what I'm looking for is a way to get .isActive() that includes delayed tweens.  Any help?


Some background:

Originally, I was using .pauseAll(true, true), and .resumeAll(true, true).  And that worked as expected, except I couldn't continue using that method because I can't resume all tweens because some will need to be resumed, and some will still need to remain paused.  So now I'm using getAllTweens(), and then storing off only the active ones using .isActive() and then using .pause() and .resume() on only those that are stored off.  Is there a way for .pause() to behave more like .pauseAll() or is there some other way that would work?  Thanks!


This is using TweenMax and as2.  I'm not using TimelineMax, nor can I for this project.

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If you're trying to pause everything, have you looked into TimelineLite.exportRoot()? That basically gathers up all the tweens that are currently on the root timeline and chucks them all into a TimelineLite wrapper that you can control however you want (pause(), resume(), timeScale(), whatever). 

var tl = TimelineLite.exportRoot();

If you want to see if a tween/timeline is BEFORE its delay has expired, you could check like:

if (tween.timeline.time() < tween.startTime()) {
   //do stuff

Does that help? 

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Your second option worked like a charm.  Thank so much!  8-)

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